"We never forget what our truth is,
we only get better at lying"
- Jolanta Swietorzecka

Jolanta Swietorzecka (Yo-lantah Sweeto-reka) is a life-changing expert in consciousness who empowers people to see and achieve greater possibilities for themselves and the world. She is the founder of .Access Instant Healing.

Her work reflects the importance of consciousness as a part of the healing process.

Jolanta's personal journey has helped her develop deep empathy and compassion for people who have not had effective support in their early life and have not been able to acknowledge and express the true greatness of their being. Throughout her life she acquired depth of knowledge in a number of fields, including cosmetology, aromatherapy, body movement therapies, herbal medicine, meditation, nutrition, pragmatic self-help philosophies. Jolanta is exceptionally gifted at assisting others with embracing themselves and their talents and abilities that often results in healing their bodies, their relationships and increasing their overall well- being. Her work with non-surgical facelifts, energetic body-lifting processes developed by Access Consciousness has allowed her to lead pioneering collaborations with plastic surgeons. Jolanta herself has developed an innovative digital guide to the Access Bars process which allows medical & spa professionals, therapists to bring this deep experiences of healing, meditation and rejuvenation into their practices. Her work dramatically reducing stress and improving recovery time has been profiled on Channel 5 TV News and her work has been endorsed by Columbia Hospital in West Palm Beach, USA.

With her extraordinary program Access Instant Healing she invites people from all nationalities and walks of life to embrace a place of infinite possibilities that resides within each of us. The participants receive pragmatic practical tools as well as learn hands-on energetic body processes that are designed to create freedom from limitations of the past and increase the capacity of having ease and joy, regardless of life's challenges. People who choose to put these tools into every day practice stop being the effect of life and instead they become the leaders of it. Over and over again people in her program finally let go of the judgments, stress, depression, stories of blame shame and regret and wrongness they have always unconsciously felt about themselves and open up to true instant transformation. They begin to have a new sense of what their potential is and how to create a life they always knew was possible.

What is "The Bars" Technique?

"The Bars" Technique is a Dynamic Stress Relief Treatment based on a proven scientific principle of energy and consciousness. Science tells us our thoughts influence our molecules and create disease, disorder and aging. Each thought has an electromagnetic charge that solidifies the energy flow and limits our capacity to have a happy, healthy and successful life.

Where do you think all these thoughts are stored? ...in our brain...

Basically "The Bars" are the hard drive of your computer bank(i.e., your brain). There are 32 different points on the head that correspond to different areas of your life. "Running Bars" (gently touching there points) starts a flow of energy and erases the electromagnetic disturbance that is Affecting YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFE! Releasing stuck energy is like deleting old files off your computer.

What is "The Bars" Treatment like?

This incredibly dynamic treatment has been called the shortcut to clearing the mind, healing the body and achieving the inner peace you’ve been looking for. You will begin to experience profound changes in your life such as relief from stress and an ability to let go of issues and mental blocks that previously put up the invisible barriers in your life. Calmness and joyfulness occur immediately after a session. "Running the Bars" is a simple, non-invasive and it works with other therapies.

It is not like anything you have ever experienced!

Benefits of "The Bars" Treatment

When you are willing to function from more consciousness you begin to open the doors to all healing.


To schedule a private "Bars" session please call or send email:

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